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Database Tutorials

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Susan Hawk, Teacher-Librarian

Allison Lee, Library Media Assistant

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The Dunwoody High School Library Media Center subscribes to a variety of online databases for research & test prep. The tutorials below will help you learn how to use many of our resources. It is not permitted to post passwords on an open website. Please check VERGE for the passwords to our databases or stop by the Library Media Center for a printed copy. 

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Gale Databases Overview

Gale is a 60+ year-old publisher of some of the most well-known & respected reference books, used in schools, colleges, and public libraries around the world. Much of Gale's content is now accessible online via their various databases. the Dunwoody High School Library Media Center currently subscribes to Gale in Context: High School, Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints, Gale Literary Sources, the Gale Testing & Education Reference Center, and a variety of Gale eBooks from most every subject area.
This video highlights some of the reasons students should use the library and Gale resources.

Gale: Downloading and Sending to Google Drive and OneDrive

This tutorial shows you how to download results or use the Send to tool to add documents to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive from many Gale resources. Sign-in to your school Google Drive or OneDrive using your & your school password

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TERC - Preparing for Exams

Prepare for standardized tests with Testing & Education Reference Center from Gale. This valuable resource includes full-length practice tests for GED, AP, SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, U.S. citizenship, and more.

TERC: Getting Basic Skills Help

This tutorial will demonstrate how to get basic skills help using Gale's Testing and Education Reference Center.

TERC: Searching for Schools and Scholarships

This tutorial will demonstrate how to search for schools & colleges using Gale's Testing and Education Reference Center.

TERC: Finding Career Advice

This tutorial will demonstrate how to find career advice using Gale's Testing and Education Reference Center.

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Bloom's Literature Overview

<font color="#FFFFFF"><span style="background-color:#00008a"><span style="padding-left:10px">Databases<span style="padding-right:100px"></span></span></span></font>

Please click below for access to the library catalog (Destiny) & our online research databases.
It is not permitted to post passwords on an open website.
 Please check the DHS Library Learning Commons class in 
Teams for the passwords to our databases. The code to join our Team is available from the Library staff.

Need help? Check out our Database Tutorials page for assistance. 

Students: Please click the LibraryTrac icon to sign in when you come to the Library Learning Commons.



Bloom's Literature