Dunwoody High School

Dekalb County Schools

Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Usage & Texting

Students will not use any electronic communication device, including but not limited to, cellular phones, smart phones, walkie-talkies, and similar devices during instructional time (except for approved instructional purposes) and must not interfere with the educational mission of the school or pose a safety hazard. Texting and cell phone use is permitted before school, in the halls during transition, the lunch period in the cafeteria/picnic area or after school. Students are expected to adhere to the following rules relative to electronic communication devices:

  1. Phones must be turned completely off and put away out of view (as directed by the school) during instructional time (every class period), except for approved instructional purposes;  
  2. No text messaging is allowed, except for approved instructional purposes;  
  3. Students with serious medical conditions or other unusual circumstances may be given special permission by the school principal to use this device if it is determined to be essential for the health of the student.

Parents/guardians are asked to refrain from calling, e-mailing, or texting their student during instructional time. In the event of an emergency, the parent/guardian may contact the student via the school’s phone system. POSSESSION OF AN ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION DEVICE ON SCHOOL PROPERTY IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT. All violations of these expectations will result in confiscation of the device. Moreover, the confiscated device will be returned only to the parent/guardian. The school is not responsible for personal electronic devices on school property or at school sponsored events.

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