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DeKalb County Schools introduces the Clever Launchpad, a student portal that provides access to the students’ Office 365 accounts as well as a multitude of digital academic resources which are provided by the district. With Launchpad, students are able to integrate technology in the classroom while maximizing instructional time. Launchpad is dynamic tool that changes resources as the needs of the students change. It is easily accessible from any mobile device. As always, students may find a quick link to the Launchpad from the DHS Media Center webpage (scroll to the bottom):

For more information on the DCSD Clever Launchpad, please click here. For more information about Office 365, please click here.

The student’s username is:
“S” + Student Number @
For example:
Please note that the student number is listed on all progress reports and in Parent Assistant.

The student’s password is:
Students (Grades 5-12) use the same password that they created to log onto a DCSD workstation. If a student has never logged in, please ask school staff to reset the password.
Troubleshooting tips:
  • If students are having trouble with O365 or Google on a Chromebook, please come to the Library Media Center to login to a desktop. Your account may just need to sync with Active Directory (desktop login) first.
  • If students cannot access Google apps, make sure you are logging into Google DRIVE. Many students try to go in through Gmail, but Gmail has been disabled for student access (students can still use Outlook in O365 for email). Going into Drive will give you access to Docs, Slides, etc.
  • If a Google Doc, Slide, etc. has been shared with a student, and the student needs to access the email for the invitation, you will find the email invitation in Outlook in O365.
  • If a student can't get into Google directly by going to, try signing into Clever/Launchpad first & then use the Google Drive icon. The icons for the apps (Docs, Slides, Word, etc.) can be glitchy, so it is best to rely on the Google Drive icon or O365/OneDrive icon, not the Docs, Word, etc. icons in Clever/Launchpad. 




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