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Meeting Dates
**All meetings will be at 7:20 am in the media center unless specified otherwise. **
Thursday October 12, 2017
**Current Members Only**
(Friday October 27, 2017 - new member application forms due with $20 membership fees) 
(Friday October 27, 2017 - associate member application forms due - no membership fees)
Tuesday November 7, 2017 @ 7:00 am in the Media Center
Induction Ceremony & First Meeting (Breakfast too!) 
All current members, inductees, and new associate members must all be present for the induction ceremony. Attendance is mandatory.
Students will receive an invitation on Friday November 3, 2017 if they are being inducted. 
Monday December 11, 2017 - CANCELLED
We will discuss activities & meeting dates for next semester. If you have any ideas about activities for next semester, please share them with an officer or Miss O'Connor.
If you want Mu Alpha Theta swag, place AND pay for your order during this meeting. More information below.
Monday January 22, 2018
 We will take an official vote for officers for this year and discuss activities for the semester.
Current Members
Joseph Chang
Alex Eldridge
Mikhail Khursevich
Seth May
Kyle Puni
Andrew Sonnier
Melanie Zamona
New Inductees 11/7/17
The following students have been accepted to membership and will be inducted on November 7, 2017 at 7:00 am in the media center.
Ackaway Gracie
Andrew Mattias
Araluce Fausto Montserrat
Bercoon Isabella
Castillo Arlen
Ceballos Sophia
Chavez Angela
Cohen Sophia
Covey Noah
Daruwalla Delzin
Davis Isaiah
Deutsch Rebecca
Dobkin Hannah
Drucker Adam
Estrada Rodriguez Jan L.
Fischer Galya
Garfias Oriana
Green Simon
Green Gabriel
Greenblatt Sam
Hudson Kate
Hummel Jacob
Humphreys Connor
Komissovskaya Maria
Lanham Marguerite
Lautenbacher Cade
Lee Mi-Tien
Lee Tsung-Ti
Lynch Nicholas
Maxwell Tyler
McNamara Patrick
Nadar Yalini
Nguyen Ashley
Nguyen Jack
Rawson Rachel
Rivera Anthony
Sereno Lance
Spencer Weston
Toms Autumn
Vemaraju Manasa
Webber Maria
Service Requirements
All members must complete 10 service hours or participate in 2 math tournaments with the math team during the school year.
Service projects must be approved by Miss O'Connor BEFORE completing them.
All hours need to be signed off by an adult (preferably not you own parent/guardian unless approved ahead of time).
Service related to mathematics is preferred (such as math tutoring or math team), but is not required. 
In order to receive an honor cord to wear at graduation, service hours must be completed each year of membership and the Service Log Form must be turned in on time (April 20 BEFORE 3:15 pm). (Remember, you also have to keep your GPA, math GPA, academic honesty, and attend the minimum number of meetings as well.)
Service Log Form 
Want Mu Alpha Theta Swag???
Here is a list of the official Mu Alpha Theta merchandise that is available for purchase.
The sponsor is the only one allowed to order official swag.
If you want to purchase something:
1. Print this form.
2. Indicate what you want to purchase (highlighter is awesome!).
3. Turn in this form AND your EXACT change to Miss O'Connor AT the December 11th meeting.
December 11, 2017 before school is the only time I will collect money for swag this semester. Do NOT bring me orders before or after this time. If you have to miss this meeting, have a trustworthy friend turn in your order and money for you. If you miss this collection time, I will place another order in May.
Swag will *hopefully* arrive before the end of the semester! 
*Note that cords will be purchased by the chapter and you do NOT need to order these. You will receive one if all requirements are met throughout the school year (service requirements, attendance requirements, keep your GPA, math GPA, and academic honesty). Miss O'Connor will order these in May. 
Merchandise List
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