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Dunwoody High School Fencing Club
  • Interested in joining the Fencing Club?  The best way to reach me is via e-mail.  The address is  I interpret in different rooms throughout the day so I am not usually in my office.  My may catch me  in Room 1507 before school if you would like a face to face meeting.  If you decide to join the team, you must download the appropriate forms (See separate "Club Documents" page) and get them to us before you can fence.
  • We meet on Thursdays after school (3:20-5:30) in the auditorium lobby. Even if you don't have a form on file, feel free to stop by and watch/ask questions!
  • If you've never fenced before, that's completely fine. Don't worry if you don't yet own equipment. Here's what you need to do/know:
    1. Fill out the paperwork! For safety and insurance reasons, you can't even try fencing without it.
    2. Contact me and let me know what day you'll come to practice. I'll make sure we have some equipment for you to borrow. (Note: please inform me at least 24 hours in advance.) You must own your own equipment to fence in tournaments, but we're a "try before you buy" organization. 
    3. Make sure that you wear athletic pants (jeans can sometimes be constricting) and comfortable shoes. Pants will protect your legs, and comfy shoes are essential for footwork  (a BIG part of your success in fencing).
    4. Your gender, size, and athletic experience don't matter. Yes, this is an athletic sport. As noted above, footwork is essential. Still, if you're tall, you'll have a longer reach. If you're short, you'll be more maneuverable. If you're slight, you'll present a smaller target to your opponent. If you're stout, you'll be more physically imposing. Practice fencing is co-ed, but men only fence men in competition. Women only fence women.  
  • You'll also find (in the large "Fencing Club" document at left) some general information about our team. The schedule for our 2017-2018 season is here, too. All events are free, and all students are welcome to attend.

  • Finally, we uploaded a nice document ("What to Expect") that explains what to expect if you're a new fencer or a parent. 
Our home tournament this year will be held at Dunwoody Elementary School on November 4, 2017.  Admission is free and everyone is welcome! If you can help with our setup/tear-down or concession sales, please see me at school or send me an e-mail.
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